Magnolia May Polley began her education in the Healing Arts, through Shamanic study and practice.  Her passions still linger in Anthropology. In 1999, she enrolled in a massage program in Maui, HI. Since then, her two passions have merged.  Anthropology, the study of miracles and folk medicine have blended with her studies of the human body, pain relief and the spirit-science that connects the two together. 


Ms. Polley is a massage therapist who has guided many projects. She consults at the luxury level in hospitality, massaged celebrites and worked for big names.  And yet, has  spent her time most passionately hovering around a massage table patiently helping one person at a time.  She writes, a lot.  Poetry is her real true love, but that is saved for the in-between moments. She is a story teller who utilizes her life experiences to draw from and they are many and some-what extraordinary. She likes to hike, travel and make art, too!


HEAL Wellness Studio was born from Magnolia's highest wish to serve her community.  True compassion and a desire to help others has driven her to guide others into a higher state of wellness. Above all else, she knows the human body.  That knowing adds an element to her work that makes her different and has created a buzz around her since she started her career. 


Massage Therapy was her segway to appreciation ever since she was 5 years old. That is when she realized how positive it was to massage her parents. Everyone likes a good foot massage.  By high school she massaged her friends and family, because that is what she did for the people she cared about. One of Maggie's first jobs was in Alaska at a fishery. It wasnt long before the bosses pulled her off the line to massage her co-workers. It was then she realized she had a real talent in her hands.  Everyone who knew her knew she did. Her native american mentor, Beaver Chief, brought her to the Hawaiin Islands to perform land blessing ceremonies and it was there she found a school to train her.


From there she worked independently and mobily, for healing centers, alternative doctors and chiropractors. She has worked for luxury spas, supervised and managed them; she has built luxury spas, taught teams and writen about it all in hospitality publications.  She has won awards and has had top mention from Forbes. She is currently teaching through the Colour Energy Corporation of Vancouver, BC and is helping to conceptualize and consult on a large and exciting project for the UN's official 2015 Year of Light Celebration and Festival in Hong Kong.




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