Through out our life time, we will celebrate many joyous moments in ceremony.  Birth, marriage and passing over are all times when we look to gather our inner and outer circles together to celebrate and remember. 


Magnolia Polley is an all-denominational minister, which means, she serves everyone, everywhere when putting together a special ceremony crafted for those who are looking to celebrate, life, love, and rememberance. 


"One of the most beautiful things is watching people come together to celebrate in ceremony.  I love to help people form a moment that is just for them.  I want to offer a service that is special and that listens to the individual dreams and needs of those involved.  No matter what type of ceremony is called for I look to give a sound structure, add beauty and personalization to the moment!"


If you are searching for a minister that looks to define your wishes, beliefs and dreams of a personalized ceremony, please inquire for more information.  509-888-4949


Pricing varies on location and the type of service required.  



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