The Diamond Path: A Guide to the Art of Healing, by Magnolia Polley, is a guide the the science behind performing varying healing arts. 


One Illuminated Mind: The One Illuminated Mind blog is scrawlings on the inter-connected consciousness of human beings to their hearts, the planet and each other.


PLANET LED, by Teddy Lo, is currently considered the bible on LED technology and the leaders who give it a name.  Magnolia Polley is listed for her work with Diamond Therapy and her use of light therapy and LED's to produce healing within her clientelle.


FORBES says I am a healing arts expert and a spa veteran , so it must be true! Check it out! CLICK!


Hotel Executive: Supporting Guest Service Employees Through Sexual Misconduct


Hotel Executive:  Creating a Buzz with Alternative Therapies at Destination Spas


Hotel Executive: Blending Spa Offerings with Alternative Ceremonies at Destination Resorts


The Magnolia writes as a luxury spa product and spa treatment examiner


Perfume Pharmer by Monica Miller highlights "perfume poetry" by perfume poetess Magnolia Polley

BEST MASSAGE in the Country Awarded toooooo...yep, I was one of 4 who provided treatments evaluated and graded...take a look!


7 KEYS PROJECT: A Walking Meditation art installation in Hong Kong with LED Artist Teddy Lo and Music by Angela Flame. AKA Colour Chamber Ancient Sound and Light Temple. 

K!! Christmas Illuminastic and UNESCO Year of Light Event 2015/2016


K!! Seven Keys Art Installation Video Intro








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