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Diamond Therapy and the Diamond Path
Diamond Therapy was found and fashioned in 2004, based on an expansion in the healing arts that caught the eye of a special luxury resort and the DeBeer's Diamond Co.  Magnolia Polley was scouted by the DeBeer's Diamond Company and the Diamond Information Center to create Diamond Therapy for celebrity based events, including the Academy Awards and many television based events.  Magnolia utilized her education and experience to use them as a tool for healing in a way that no one else has or probably ever will. 
Essentially, diamond therapy addresses the bio-radiance system of the human body. A combination of light, color, scent, touch and sound is applied to raise the atmosphere of energy within and around the human body.  The client is guided through a deep meditation into their own bodies, while Magnolia addressed those areas with anointment, touch and applied light with color therapy applications. This is done expertly and is not a haphazard protocol.  
The diamond was found to be irreplaceable as a means to refract and amplify the light, magnetizing the stone with movement and allowing for the skin and eyes to absorb certain spectrums that are often missing depending on the region we live in, job we have or simply genetics.  Circadian rhythms regulate, gentle hormonal shifts happen, increased healing in injury, psychic occurrences were prevalent, deep dreams and even tears were experienced during the healings. This was performed on a 100% all celebrity clientele, who rest assured, had no idea what they were in for.  But, the message was deep and inspired many other treatments to be released courting a more ancient understanding of the alchemy of healing.  
Born from the experience of Diamond Therapy fascinating Hollywood, a book was released to preserve the work called, The Diamond Path: A Guide to the Art of Healing, by Magnolia Polley, which explains the science and theories behind the work but also introduces protocols for this mysterious yet mind blowing and effectual selection of out-of-this-world treatments using diamonds to heal the energetic body, associated with whole body wellness.
For more info, please support the author and by the book!  
write to: or just call HEAL to find out how to learn more and order a book.

The Holy and Royal Diamond Anointment Kit, features pure high end essential oils, 3-5 carats of multi-colored raw diamonds in a vial that can be worn, a quartz crystal pendulum, himalayan salts for cleansing your tools, a beautiful pocket guide on diamond anointment alchemy and a hand painted box sporting ancient healing symbols.  Yhis is a kit that can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to set positive intentions, meditate, heal themselves or others, learn to use a pendulum to read chakras, etc. The kit sells through HEAL for $150.  Please contact us if you are interested in owning a limited edition diamond anointment and alchemy kit.

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