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Sense Therapy


Sense Therapy has evolved over many years and is essentially the application and layering of stimulation to the 5 basic senses in a way that balances the human brain chemistry.  It is subtle and works  by allowing the body to come into a deeply relaxed state, where the brain doesn't desire to search for any information or stimulation and therefore can heal layers from even the deepest wounds of PTSD and other forms of injury brought on the body.


The theory is that in application and stimulation of the 5 senses the brain is allowed to expand its capacity for sensual awareness to allow for 6th sense experiences to occur.  This can feel like bliss, epiphany, enlightenment, compassion, unconditional love, wellness and also deep emotion.


Along with sixth sense experiences, the body is allowed to deeply relax while the "touch" sector, being massage in Magnolia's case, increases blood-flow and circulation rejuvenating  the whole body and allowing for layers of old to be moved out and for the body to take a big deep healing  breath.  Usually people feel slightly altered, very relaxed and rejuvenated at a core cellular level. 


Make an appointment to experience this for yourself with Magnolia at HEAL Wellness Studio.  It truly is a unique experience backed by one of the best massage sessions you have ever been able to experience. 

90 minutes $150

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