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The Studio

HEAL Wellness Studio is located in the heart of downtown Chelan on the 2nd floor of the Historic Whaley's Building, next to Yoga Chelan and Historic Downtown Chelan Association.  
Owner, Magnolia Polley brings 24 years of integrity and skill to the field of massage and alternative healing. Deeply therapeutic massage techniques blend with hot and cold therapies.  Organic Medicinal grade essential oils add a layer of scent creating a feeling of calm, joy, grounding, and mental relief as they gently make effect on the nervous system. Color and Light therapies connect brain to membrane, relieving symptoms of nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue and pain. Gentle music and the smell of hot teas linger as you arrive.  Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Guided Meditation stand alone as very deeply healing therapies supporting both a tired and stressed mind as well as an ailing body.

Masterful massage can relieve the symptoms of most ills and allows for the body to use heightened blood-flow and relaxed states for cellular repair through out.  Massage is one of the first documented forms of health care and has been a main part of communal living and wellness for centuries. Mixed with various complimentary medicine techniques, HEAL Massage and Wellness Studio offers an atmosphere of wholeness to clients that is a unique necessity for a full and challenging life.


Our Philosophy

We believe in tea. We believe in naps. We believe that happiness is the point and love is the answer. We believe that healing starts from within and from without. And we believe that we can help you!  Connect with us today!

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